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Packet Optical Switching based Optical Transport Networking (OTN) is expected to greatly improve administration, maintenance and provisioning operations on DWDM networks and ultimately provide superior transmission. It is expected to shape the networking architecture of Next-Generation Networks (NGN) replacing SONET/SDH networks. Based on experience with the SONET/SDH networks, the ITU-T has defined transport network optimized for transport of a variety of client signals over WDM optical networks. The OTN architecture is specified in ITU-T G.872 and its frame format and payload mappings are specified in G.709. IPITEK’s Optical Networking solutions for Video Transport and Carrier-Grade Ethernet are now integrating the OTN technology.

  • Stronger Forward Error Correction
  • Transparent Transport of Multiple Signal Formats
  • Scalability of Switching
  • Flexible and Dynamic Protection
  • Multi-Level Connection Monitoring using Tandem Connection Monitoring (TCM)

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