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Optical Protection Switch

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IPIswitch is a feature-rich, versatile, fully managed system for optical protection switching ideal for both digital and CATV applications. It can be used for optical path protection of both single wavelength as well as multi-wavelength systems, and is bit rate independent. A single optical protection switch module in an IPIswitch chassis at each site is all that is needed to enable full 1+1 optical path protection of a bidirectional point-to-point system.
  • One 1RU high chassis will accommodate up to two hot-swappable optical protection switch modules.
  • Each protection switch module contains a 50/50 splitter and a 1x2 switch to enable full 1+1 protection of a bidirectional point-to-point system.
  • Complete path protection switching in < 10ms.
  • Remotely and locally configurable and fully managed through SNMP and TL1.
  • Full optical power monitoring of both client side, working path and protection path.
  • Ultra-wide input power range (-35dBm to +17dBm).
  • For applications in both 1310nm as well as 1550nm range (1460-1620nm).

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