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Modular Transport Platform with efficient packaging and power

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Advanced Services Transport

Advanced Services Transport (AST) empowers network operators with the ability to provide the highest performance transport system while minimizing space and powering requirements. Designed for multiple types of operations, the AST system provides a platform that houses many types of operating modules while requiring only 7 inches of rack space. The platform houses up to 21 half-height, multiple services modules, with one dedicated slot for a system monitor and control module. AST can be provisioned with 1 or 2 AC or DC or a combination of AC and DC full height power supply modules that are easily accessible at the front of the unit and do not require external devices or circuits. At the same time, AST has been carefully designed to meet green standards. Most modules require about 7 watts or less.

The AST is a full services platform. It may be easily provisioned for Targeted Services Delivery operations where a 1:1 transmitter to node system is required. At the same time, the platform also provides for any type of 1:n forward operations, through a complete line of 1310nm DFB, 1550nm direct modulation and forward and return CWDM transmitters, forward and return standard or high sensitivity optical receivers and high performance RF amplifiers. There are no restrictions and any combination of modules can be provisioned to meet any network requirement. Every module in the system setup, operation and network monitoring are controlled through the CMU, Chassis Management Unit provisioning system. AST is well suited for use in RfoG and FTTH architectures.
  • Full featured with a wide choice of transmitters, receivers and supporting modules
  • System setup, monitoring and control through an onboard system
  • SNMP outbound to master management systems
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