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Low-Cost Sophisticated Multi-Service Network

IPITEK's DNA and passion for integration have been major motive for developing easy-to-use, highly integrated, scalable, feature-rich, and cost-efficient solutions, which goes into all of its product lines. An example of a problem-solving solution that IPITEK has been pioneering for the telecommunication industry at large (including enterprise networks, access/metro networks, etc) is its carrier-grade Ethernet product line. Realizing the benefits of carrier-grade Ethernet for network operators, IPITEK has been a pioneer in developing and manufacturing carrier-grade Ethernet solutions that not only leverage the capabilities of Ethernet, but also integrate additional features and capabilities to ensure optimization in meeting evolving network requirements: from exponentially-increasing bandwidth demands to extremely low latency to carrier-grade Quality of Service (QoS) to carrier-grade network control and management.

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