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IPITEK Solves the IPTV Triangle Problem

We live in the midst of the Internet video revolution. Video is the major source of traffic in the Internet. This pattern is increasing exponentially! There are two primary drivers of the video revolution: increasing penetration of broadband access technologies and the development of easy-to-use video content creation. The need to deliver IPTV as part of a triple-play bundle is no longer in question for service providers around the world.

On the other hand, carrier Ethernet has established itself as the preferred basic technology in metropolitan networks designed to deliver IPTV and the entire triple-play package to residential customers. This is due to the low capital expense per bandwidth, high capacity platforms, and the low operating expenses resulting from the ubiquity of Ethernet.

The question then becomes, how can Ethernet deal with these challenges encountered in the design of Carrier Ethernet networks for IPTV? Next, we'll show how IPITEK's Carrier Ethernet has been optimized to fully align with the world-wide growing application of IPTV.

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