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Software Updates and Maintenance


Annual Software Maintenance Program

IPITEK provides an annual maintenance program for all of its software products. This program includes the following support features:

  • New quarterly software releases when and if available. Any prerequisite hardware must be purchased.
  • 40 free calls per year - telephone customer support in 24x7 with call back within 60 minutes, but no more than 2 calls a week. Call in during normal working hours of 8am to 5pm USA Pacific Time receives immediate assistance.
  • 10 free scheduled remote assistance appointments during IPITEK business hours (8am - 5pm US Pacific Time). This is specifically for update/upgrade installation support or diagnostic, help, troubleshooting, etc. using PC remote control software tools through Internet or ISDN.

    Note: this does not include ISDN line setup + annual fee and ISDN traffic call bills will be expensed at cost.


Contact the IPITEK Sales Department for pricing detail and questions.


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