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Advanced Carrier-Grade 10G Ethernet Demarcation and Aggregation

The exponentially growing demand for bandwidth in enterprise and carrier networks is driven by the necessity to support newer, more sophisticated, bandwidth-hungry applications. Besides the issue of massive bandwidth need, organizations need to make the most sense, translated into achieving maximum return on investment (ROI), of their network infrastructures by relying on a sustainable technology that, while meeting today’s needs, scales to the future requirements and maintains a viable network for long lifecycle. Along the lines of this vision, IPITEK have developed its latest state-of-the-art 10G cost-effective Ethernet solution, the MSP-10GE-4P, which integrates an extensive set of application-centric and customer-driven features allowing customers to revolve their networks while enabling smooth migration into the future. IPITEK’s MSP-10GE-4P supports crucial carrier-class features, including the latest Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) carrier Ethernet requirements known as CE 2.0 specifications, to help networks managers dramatically simplify their network operations, significantly reduce their capital and operational expenditures, and effectively scale their networks to support high-bandwidth, and high Service Level Agreement (SLA) services.

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