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Generate Free Ethernet Service from Your HD Video Service

In addition to their video connectivity demands, video customers in wide range of markets and applications including television and cable, service providers, studios and video post-production, government and producers of live events do require private data connectivity services, typically in the form of Ethernet. As of today, these customers meet this requirement by buying costly Ethernet connections. Realizing this urgent demand, IPITEK has devised an innovative way for allowing customers to leverage their video services; that is, to squeeze Ethernet services from their video services without additional cost, i.e., generating free Ethernet service. By exploiting the fact that while customers buy video circuits at a certain rate (SD, HD, or 3G), they may use their video circuits to run lower speed ones; for example, they may run SD services over HD circuits, which leaves much of the video circuit bandwidth unused. Therefore, IPITEK has developed Ethernet and video multiplexing solution, the MSP-300, which optimizes the video network by aggregating Ethernet and video circuits for transport over SD/HD/3G-SDI circuits. Thus, allowing customers to leverage their video infrastructure by generating Ethernet services at no additional cost.

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