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01/11/2018   IPITEK at 35
01/05/2018   IPITEK Introduces New Wireless Backhaul Product
07/11/2017   IPITEK Introduces Industry-Leading Synchronization Solution
05/19/2017   IPITEK Adds New Carrier Class Ethernet Features Designed for Service to Business Parks
05/05/2017   IPITEK Introduces New Carrier Ethernet Services Platform
03/24/2017   IPITEK Adds Advanced Proactive Monitoring Tools to MSP-10GE Ethernet Platform
02/09/2017   IPITEK is Driving IPTV in the New Media Era
12/17/2016   IPITEK Releases New Software for MSP Series of Ethernet Transporters
12/16/2016   Converged Service Systems Using the MSP-10GE-OP
10/24/2016   IPITEK Celebrates Success with Online Video Revolution. IMTRAN Unit Provides Video Centric Products Worldwide
10/24/2016   IPITEK Announces New AST System for Broadband Services
10/24/2016   IPITEK Pushes Edge Of Network Aggregation Technology With New Multi-Rate Circuit Emulation
09/02/2016   IPITEK Introduces Cost Effective Total Converged Solution for Video, Voice and Data
07/23/2016   IPITEK unveils its state-of-the-art 10GE service-centric carrier Ethernet solution
07/23/2016   IPITEK unveils its state-of-the-art HD video and Ethernet multiplexer
04/21/2016   IPITEK extends Ethernet Product Line with Low Cost Intelligent Demarcation Network Monitoring Solution
04/07/2016   IPITEK Enhances Video Transport Solutions
04/06/2016   IPITEK Introduces MSP-220-R Optical Link Regenerator
03/17/2016   IPITEK Delivers New Adavanced Services Transport System
03/15/2016   IPITEK Introduces New HBR-2502 Optical Transport System
01/26/2016   IPITEK Ships Advanced Hybrid Packet-TDM Device
11/10/2011   IPITEK Looks Forward to Seeing You at SCTE 2011
09/06/2011   In Memorium
03/17/2011   IPITEK Attends SCTE Lake Michigan Chapter Vendor Show
03/09/2011   Solutions for Carrier-Grade MPLS over Ethernet
02/23/2011   Transport 40 HD ASI Channels On 1 Fiber w\o DWDM
01/12/2011   IPITEK's 1GE: Evolving the Network Edge
12/06/2010   IPITEK Will Demonstrate 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet MSP-CES Circuit Emulation Services at SCTE SoCal Vendor Days
11/29/2010   IPITEK To Demonstrate 10 Gigabit Ethernet Carrier-Class Platform at SCTE SoCal Vendor Days
10/22/2010   IPITEK Will Demonstrate MSP-110 Digital Video Transmission System at SCTE SoCal Vendor Days
10/18/2010   IPITEK Will Demonstrate its Circuit Emulation Service (CES), the MSP-CES, at the SCTE Cable Tec Expo – Come By and See Us
03/16/2009   IPITEK Deploys New Network Management System for Major Cable MSOS
10/06/2008   IPITEK's MSP-110 Proves to be Winning Solution for Cable Operators Preparing for DTV Transition - Analog Capabilities and DVB-ASI Fiber Transport Studio Merge for Perfect Combination
09/24/2008   IPITEK's Ethernet 10 Gig-E Platform Deploys in Residential Networks
06/10/2008   IPITEK To Demonstrate New Product Features Geared to Maximize Bandwidth at SCTE Cable Tec Expo
01/30/2007   IPITEK Successfully Demonstrates a Switched Platform For Distribution of Video over IP

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